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مجانا للجميع فلاشه ONECLICK C2 PRO 8.1.0 تم السحب بالعملاق NCK

مجانا للجميع فلاشه ONECLICK C2 PRO 8.1.0 تم السحب بالعملاق


MT6580_EMMC_OneClick_C2 pro_8_1_0_2018_11_15_17_54)

Reading GPT Drive OK
Build ID: O11019
Display ID: OneClick_C2_pro_V05_20180718
Version: 8.1.0
Build Date: Wed Jul 18 14:36:06 CST 2018
Model: C2 pro
Brand: OneClick
Device: C2_pro
Manufacturer: OneClick
Dumping Preloader.
Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour…….
Start processing proinfo
Reading: BEGIN: 0x80000 – LEN: 0x300000
Start processing nvram
Start processing protect1 ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x880000 – LEN: 0xa00000
Start processing protect2 ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x1280000 – LEN: 0xa00000
Start processing lk ……
Start processing boot
Start processing recovery
Start processing logo ……
Start processing odmdtbo ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x4600000 – LEN: 0x1000000
Start processing vendor ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x6000000 – LEN: 0x12000000
Start processing frp ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x18000000 – LEN: 0x100000
Start processing trustzone
Start processing nvdata ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x18b00000 – LEN: 0x2000000
Start processing secro
Reading: BEGIN: 0x1d200000 – LEN: 0x600000
Start processing system
Reading: BEGIN: 0x1e000000 – LEN: 0x59000000
Saved to : C:\Users\mega2\Documents\Android_MTK\firmware_backup\MT6580_EMMC_OneClick_C2 pro_8_1_0_2018_11_15_17_54)
Wait untill phone will start charging.
All done




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